A full bike & riding immersion to live the real #spiritsofMTB!

Three days in the Dolomiti Paganella Bike Area with discount on bikepass for the lifts of the whole area, free bike and demo test and, last but not least, free guided tours with the DPB Academy guides. Feel it’s not enough? Just add a congress on MTB evolution, funny activities, kids area, sunset riding, good food, great friends and BBQ party on the wonderful Molveno Lake!

Testo prima del titolo


Friday 27


09.00 MTB TALKS! MTB Talks - Congress on MTB Evolution

---- (work in progress)


Detailed program with the planning and the speakers at the following link: MTB Talks 2019

             Online booking, Free enter !                

Closing and Start the Trail Hunt



13:45 Light Trentino Lunch
14:30 Dolomiti Paganella Bike Trail Hunt!

Ride with us our best trails and join experts and congress participant for a chat about trail building & maintenance, signals, trail sharing bike services and MTB Culture.
What you can expect at the end? Lots of ideas and a refreshing beer!

The whole friday program is designed for everybody who is strictly involved in the development of MTB Market or MTB Destination. 


Saturday 28 (work in progress)

09.00-18.00  Opening Test Bike 

09.00-12.30   E-mtb on trails 
09.00-12.30   Ride Like a superGIRL 

10.00 and all day long e-mtb hybrid lake tour 
      -  Turn A: 10.00 a.m
      -  Turn B: 12.00 p.m
      -  Turn C: 14.30 p.m

09.00 and all day long DH Gravity Experience 
     -  Turn A: 09.00 a.m
     -  Turn B: 10.45 a.m
     -  Turn C: 13.00 p.m
     -  Turn D: 14.30 p.m

13.00-17.30  Afternoon Enduro ride 
13.00-17.30  e-Afternoon ride 

From 18 p.m. enjoy our great BBBQ Party! Bike, Beer Barbeque and Music are guaranteed


Sunday 29 (work in progress)

09.00-18.00  Opening Test Bike 

09.00-18.00 Ride with us on a Bear Trails

10.00 and all day long e-mtb hybrid lake tour

      -  Turn A: 10.00 a.m
      -  Turn B: 12.00 p.m
      -  Turn C: 14.30 p.m

10.00 and all day long e-mtb hybrid enduro experience (full suspension) 

      -  Turn A: 10.00 a.m
      -  Turn B: 12.00 p.m
      -  Turn C: 14.30 p.m

09.00 and all day long DH Gravity Experience
     -  Turn A: 09.00 a.m
     -  Turn B: 10.45 a.m (kids 10-14) DH Grav KIDS - book
     -  Turn C: 13.00 p.m
     -  Turn D: 14.30 p.m (kids 10-14) DH Grav KIDS - book

14.00-16.30 Kids MTB skills ability in the pump track and skills area. 


          Click on each event for the on line inscription.

          All the activities are free, includes equipment (for the "experience" tours) and DPB Academy guides, only buy the bike pass (with a 30% discount). 




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Frequently Asked Questions


How does the bike pass work?

During the Bike Days The bike pass is 30% discounted, and it allows the access to all Paganella Bike area lifts.

Should i take my Own Bike or use a test Bike?

There will be various brands with some test bikes, but if you have a bike it’s strongly recommended to bring your own, because the tests are in limited quantities and it can be used for a limited time.

How should i dress for MTB Talks on Friday morning?

On Friday afternoon we have planned a session on trails, so we suggest you to dress as a “bikers”. If you prefer, you can change your clothes after the congress….but hurry up, Trails hunt won’t wait!

I’m not a “Pro” Biker, which kind of experience should i book?

Just book the “Green” experience of the program. We have designed it to match beginners skills.

Have you planned any activities for Kids?

We have plenty of kids great experience! From Strider Push Bikes (kids starting from 2 years) to pump track, and skills area session and a gravity starting lesson for beginners. All these kids experience will take place under the Dolomiti Paganella Bike Guides Academy supervision!

Do I have to book the tours of program?

Yes, you have to register for free on EVENTBRIDE, just check the detailed program and find your perfect Tour!

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